Meatloaf by the Vegan Zombie

27 May

IMG_3802Hey guys! I am really excited for the lastest addition to my cookbook collection. I hardly ever use cookbooks, but I am still obsessed with them. Cookbooks are great for anyone new to the vegan diet or for those who might be looking for a little inspiration. Sometimes it’s nice to relax and eat the creations of someone else brain. That’s exaclty what I did. I was so busy over the week of Easter, and quite honestly it kind of snuck up on me. I figured this would be the prefect time to try out a recipe form my new cookbook.

“Cook and Survive”, by the Vegan Zombie team made for the perfect choice. I am sure you all have heard of these creative vegan dudes, but if you haven’t you should definetly check them out. They are total hunks, they can cook, they creatively combine zombies with veganism with their cooking videos, and they have a really cute dog. What’s not to love? I used their vegan meatloaf recipe. It was fantastic! It had healthy ingredients and it was the perfect main dish for my Easter dinner. I served it with bacon and crossiant wrapped asparagus, stuffed mushrooms, and mashed potatoes. It could be served with any of your favorite sides.

Although, I have only made one of the recipes from their book, I can’t wait to explore it some more. It looks so promising and is it filled with mouthwatering images to go along with all the recipes. If you’re interested in checking out their cookbook you can get it here. For more info on these awesome dudes check out thier website.


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