13 Feb


I was in the mood for a vegan bacon cheeseburger for dinner last night. At Whole Foods they had 4 different vegan bacon options that I could choose from. However, I couldn’t seem to make make up my mind.  I usually go with Upton’s seitan bacon, but I was just so indecisive. I decided to have a BACON BATTLE! I bought Upton’s seitan bacon, Lightlife tempeh bacon, lightlife soy bacon, and Sweet Earth hickory and sage bacon. Before this week I had tried them all in the past except the Sweet Earth bacon. The product was advertised with a bright blue “new” sticker on the shelf. I knew i I had to try it. Without wasting anymore time at the store, I grabbed all of the bacon options and headed for checkout.

When I got home I made a few pieces of each kind of bacon all cooked the same way. I pan fried them in a bit of olive oil. The oil helps  make the bacon taste more realistic. I try to avoid as much oil as possible, but for bacon it had to be used!


I judged the four bacons on their taste, texture, appearance, and the overall experience.  Here is the low down on these vegan bacon options. I wonder who will take home the award for best bacon!

Lightlife Soy Bacon

  • Taste- The taste of the soy bacon was one of my favorites of the options. The soy bacon had a very strong bacon taste, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The only down fall was that the bacon was way too salty for my likings. I guess it may have added to the bacony taste, but I could only eat one piece.
  • Texture- The texture was decent, and it crisped up nicely. If you like crispy bacon then this may suit your fancy.
  • Appearance- The look of the soy bacon wasn’t as realistic as some of the other options, but in a sandwich no one will see it!
  • Overall- Overall I enoyed this bacon option very much and will definitely buy it again in the future. I think it would be a great addition to vegan pizzas!

Lightlife Tempeh Bacon

  • Taste- The tempeh bacon didn’t really do it for me. It didn’t taste much like bacon at all. It just tasted like smokey temper to me.
  • Texture- Far from a bacon texture, although I am not sure they were actually going for a similar texture. It was chunky just like any other tempeh. It was also a little thick. Years ago this was my bacon of choice, but I guess I have been spoiled with all the new vegan options out there.
  • Appearance- The tempeh bacon didn’t look like bacon at all. However, It still looked very tasty.
  • Overall- If I were looking for healthier and less processed bacon option I would pick this one, but it wasn’t my favorite.



Upton’s Seitan Bacon

  • Taste- I think that Upton’s does an amazing job balancing the salt and bacon flavors in their seitan bacon. It is pretty scrumptoous. It has a little less flavor than that of the Litelife soy bacon, but the salt isn’t as overpowering.
  • Texture- The Upton’s has a great texture with similar chewiness to that of bacon. It also crisps up really well.
  • Appearance- The seitan bacon has a similar look to the Litelife bacon. They don’t look exactly like bacon, but they do the trick.
  • Overall- Upton’s has a great product and they it def supports my bacon needs. I have used it in many recipes ranging from burgers to bacon mac and cheese.

Sweet Earth Hickory and Sage Bacon

  • Taste- I wanted to enjoy this product so much, but the taste just wasn’t there for me. The sage is way too overpowering and almost reminds me of mold. The smokiness adds to the the flavor in a positive way, but not enough to equal out the sage taste.
  • Texture- The texture was great and comparable to Upton’s. It was chewy and crisp.
  • Appearence- The look of this bacon was the best out of all the options. It looked so promising. It had burnt edges and was wider and darker then the other bacons. This made it look closer to the real deal.
  • Overall- I was not satisfied with my experience with this product. If you’re a big lover of sage then you might love it. I think this product has much potential, but they may want to look into a different flavor profile.



So who wins the bacon battle????

UPTON’S!!! Upton’s was the most satisfying and versatile. It can be used in any recipe with promising results. It is a great introduction for beginner vegans. All this bacon makes me want a BLT! Bring on the bacon!




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