Vegan Discoveries

The Swing of Things

I have obviously not posted any new and exciting vegan tidbits in so long. I have been extra busy, working a full time job, struggling with Miss Vegan, and moving. However, I am determined to get back into the swing of things. I have missed the vegan obsessed world I live in. I have set some new goals for myself. I am recreating the, changing up the logo, and working on new recipes. So, the website will be down temporarily. Outside of that I also applied for finical aid to go back to school. We will see where all this takes me. I am very excited about my full plate and even more excited about my 33 pound box of white chocolate.

So, I recently discovered a company producing wholesale white chocolate chips. I have been going white chocolate crazy. My mouth calls it heaven, but my thighs call it hell. So far I have made white chocolate brownies, peanut butter white chocolate cookies, and lemon white chocolate cookies. They were all delightful and very addicting. I will be adding lots of these new white chocolate recipes to my online shop and also some plain white chocolate for your own baking needs. I hope that you’ll check them out

Things I am excited for in the next week to come. Tofu has a play date with another dog named Charlie, and my friend Adam’s birthday.  I will def be writing posts that are of more interest and higher frequency



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