Vegan Discoveries

Frozen Snickers Torte – Vegan Makeover


Here is the latest vegan recipe makeover! This recipe was remade rom a recipe card found in a local grocery store. It is a frozen snickers torte. It was a little time consuming, but with simple steps. The only part of this recipe I actually had to prepare ahead of time was the vegan carmel sauce. I didn’t measure anything and just threw some brown sugar, almond milk and vegan butter into a sauce pan. I let the mixture boil for 2 minutes and then removed it form the heat to cool. You can find caramel recipes online.  The rest of the recipe was simple. I used vegan substitues for everything.



Vanilla wafers = vanilla sandwich style cookies

Butter = vegan butter

Vanilla ice cream = So Delicious vegan vanilla ice cream

Butterscotch sauce = Homemade vegan caramel

Snickers bar = Jokers bar

Chocolate sauce = Santa Cruz organic chocolate syrup

I also added peanut butter 🙂



I built the torte in mini spring foam fans, so it would be easy to remove from the pan. If you can’t find a vegan caramel recipe, there are stores online that carry a vegan caramel sauce. This was a very tasty and rich dessert. It’s simple to make, but looks gourmet! Have fun and enjoy! 20120122-093321.jpg


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