Snowed in

I spent the last two days stuck inside my house. The first day was considered my “re-energize” day, also known as my lazy day. After I use up all my energy and complete my 5 day work week, I am good for nothing. So, I usually spend one of my two days of freedom lounging around. The second day I was also stuck inside, because I was snowed in. One would think this would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the blogs that I don’t write or the Miss Vegan paperwork that I ignore, but of course not. I was so drained of all energy the last two days that I literally stared into a soulless box with dancing images and stuffed my chipmunk face.

I put off the business tax questions, the litter fee, and the label hunt. Even the thought of playing a video game and pushing those buttons, was just too much effort. My boyfriend and I were supposed to indulge in a date night. Instead, we cooked lots of food and caught up on our DVR list. When we finished Project Runway, Adventure Time, The Regular Show, and a few others we moved onto movies. HappyThankYouMorePlease and Just Go With It  were both pretty entertaining. There was a third movie. What do ya know, I can’t even remember what it was.

The other big part of my weekend was the food. The first day I recreated a non-vegan recipe from a recipe card Tom brought home from work. I will be writing a blog post dedicated solely to this dessert later. Tom and I also made sushi! This was my first home made sushi adventure. I coud def use a little practice at rollin’ up them things. I rolled one


and Tom took over over the rest without any resistance on my end. 20120122-093057.jpg

We made four different rolls. The first roll was stuffed with “cream cheese” and sweet potato, the 2nd was filled “chicken”, the 3rd was rolled with battered eggplant, and the last roll had onion rings in the middle. They were very tasty, but the amount of rice was a little over bearing.


Day two of food was pretty legit. At lunch time we made onion rings and wraps of eggplant and roasted peppers. I love onion rings. For dessert I made this cake that was pretty spectacular if I do say so myself. The combination of chocolate and peanut butter beyond is perfect. I made a heart shaped chocolate cake with layers of peanut butter frosting and chocolate ganache. The cake was made with the intentions of being photographed for an etsy item, but I couldn’t resist eating it before it actually made it’s great debut. Tom made pizza for dinner, and if you know me than you know my love for pizza. He even made a home made crust. How hot is a man that can cook? The last cooking adventure was a new soup recipe. I will be eating “sausage”, white bean, and spinach soup for the next 3 days of work and I can’t wait.

20120122-093047.jpgI didn’t practice piano or sew that robot apron that’s on my mind, but I did play ball with Tofu and I washed the sheets. I didn’t clean the bedroom or give the dog a bath, but I did play brainless addicting games on my iphone and snuggle with my boo. I didn’t put new items up on my etsy shop or make that stop at the post office, but I did prep lunches for  the next couple of work days and I did wash quite a bunch of dishes. But there’s always next weekend. 🙂



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