Vegan Discoveries

Target – Vegan Discoveries

Target Freezer

While out doing some shopping at the Target in the Warwick mall,I discovered their new veg set up in the freezer section. It had expanded beyond it’s single freezer facing and also beyond the main stream Morningstar farms choices. There was now a double door facing of veg products and a freezer end cap filled as well. The majority of the products were still Morningstar farms and Boca, but now also included Gardein and Qourn. Gardein is my fav meat alternitive and it was priced well. The normal shelf price is 3.99!

The most exciting part was that I had found a flavor that I had seen on the Gardein website that I couldn’t find anywhere. I was very happy to find the Sweet and Tangy BBQ wings on the shelf! I have yet to try them, but will be indulging in them at some point this week. I can’t wait.

It is also awesome seeing vegan products showing up in such places.Vegan diets are becoming more popular each day! My heart and belly are both happy 😉


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