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Vegan Crunch Wrap- Taco Bell Recreated


Back in the day I used to be a huge fan of the Crunchwrap from Taco Bell. I find it fun to recreate traditional recipes into a delicious veganized version. So, here is my spin on a vegan Crunchwrap, and it’s super simple.

I used all ready to use items from the grocery store and it came out yummy. I’m sure it would be even better if using home made salsa or meat crumbles. Everything you see in the pic above I bought at Whole Foods, except for the mini mission wraps.  The large Maria wraps are awesome. You can use the left over  wraps to make mega burritos.

Building the layers is fun and you can tweak it however you’d like.  Start off with your huge wrap, flat and ready to fill.

The first item into the wrap is some seasoned meat crumbles. I used pre-seasoned taco style crumbles for the first time, and it came out good. I usually season my own, but I was trying to make this as quick as possible.

Next comes the cheese! In the pic you see a cheddar style cheese alternative by Daiya. I melted it down before adding it into the mix.  Try to keep everything as centered as possible to help with wrapping at the end.

In the middle of the crunchwrap is a crunchy mini wrap. You can use an oven on broil to or a deep fryer to make your mini wrap crispy. I tossed mine under the broiler in my over for about a minute on each side. Keep your eye on them though, they can burn quickly.

On top of the crunchy layer comes a layer of freshly chopped lettuce. This adds more great texture to the dish.


I use the last two liquids on the top layers to use as a form of glue. It helps keep the wrap shut. The wrap is almost complete with a little salsa.

The last ingredient is some yummy Tofutti sour cream! I love sour cream!

To complete the wrap fold the large wrap towards the center, securing the layers. To get everything to combine and to keep the wrap closed, the wrap is heated in a large skillet. I start carefully with the folded side down and the pan on medium heat. After the first side is golden and crisp flip and continue with the second side.


Time to dig in! 


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