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Pizza Hut


Thanks to my fav iPhone app I know I can eat a hand tossed veggie without the cheese from pizza hut. If you haven’t checked it out, you can here. While my boyfriend and I were on the go today in south county we decided to stop an grap a pizza from our local Pizza Hut.

Before I go into the food, I wanted to share some pics of the place. It is so retro. Although, it is in desperte need of a make over, it was kinda groovy. This particular outdated Pizza Hut happens to be located right down the street from my current home in Wakefield. The deco is undoubtedly overboard with it’s bold colors and shapes. These patterns were plastered everywhere, walls, tiles, chairs, booths, tables and much more. I’d imagine it is similar to the Crayola crayon lab.

Moving on to the food. The pizza was below average. My expectations are never high when I get a pizza from Pizza Hut. The greatness of it is the convenience factor. I will get it again, but it’s nothing special. I ordered and consumed the hand tossed veggie lovers pizza without cheese. I also pulled the olives off of my slices. Yuck!




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