Vegan Discoveries

Eli’s candy bars

Here’s one of the yummy treats that was brought home from the Boston Veg fest. I’ve been wanting to order them online but never got around to it. They come in 3 vegan favors! Cosmo’s Vegan shoppe was our yummy provider.


We brought home all 3 flavors but the other 2 didn’t make it to the photo shoot. The only reason I still have this one is because I’m not a fan of coconut. I was a little disappointed in these bars. Maybe, my expectations were a little high? I’d buy them again if I stumbled upon them, but they have nothing on Go Max.

The Treasure bar sounded amazing, with it’s peanut butter crunch and caramel. The crunch just wasn’t there and there definitely wasn’t enough caramel. I’d definitely suggest giving them  try, maybe you’ll enjoy them more. They are definitely far from being bad, hence the fact  I devoured 2 of them within the first 24 hours. Woo hoo to vegan candy bars!













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