Vegan Discoveries

A&j bakery – vegan discovery


The excitement in my life comes from vegan adventures. I love a good vegan find, especially when they are unexpected. A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had errands to run and adventures to run. One of our errands too us to Cranston, where I remembered this bakery I heard briefly of. The bakery is called A and J bakery. They specialize mostly in nut free products, but also cater to a few other common allergies.

The barely had a few options that were gluten free and a few that were also dairy free. My boyfriend and I obviously needed to try all the dairy free choices they had. They definitely weren’t any kind of gourmet bakery. They had good prices for having an allergy friendly bakery. The products we got seemed dry and like they might have been sitting on the shelf for a few days too long. I liked the sweet frosting they had on top of the brownie.

The bakery is small with no sitting area what so ever, and is kind of hidden an an awkward parking lot. I will def stop by again if I am in the area. It is awesome to have these options!



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