Tofu Terror

2 Oct

Let me start off by saying that I love my dog. Tofu is the cutest little guy around, and he snuggles better then anyone I know. He usually cuddles up near my chest where he can hear my heart beating, or he finds a cozy spot behind the arch of my knees. He has those sad puppy dog eyes permanently situated on his face. The look that gets me all the time. His natural scent is comforting and addicting. He makes me laugh everyday, without fail. Tofu has a super brain. He learns new tricks in minutes and never forgets them. He loves me, and is a little over protective.

Every morning I let Tofu out the front door and he runs to a close by tree and does his thing. The tree is less than 5 feet away from the door and I stand in the doorway and watch him closely. Saturday morning Tofu and I were practicing our regular routine. On this particular morning there happened to be two women walking across the street. Tofu franticly started barking and sped off toward two ladies. I was in complete panic due to the previous bite from the day before. I took off chasing after Tofu, not even looking for cars as we both bolted across the street. I tried jumping on his loose leash a few times to bring him to a halt, but I missed every time. A car passed down the street right before Tofu ran across like a streak of lightening, but missed him. In a frenzy I started screaming to the two petrified women. “Don’t touch him!” The ladies stood frozen as I finally caught up to the spastic dog. Embarrassed, braless, and out of breath I apologized to the scared humans.

After I recruited Tofu back to the house, I collapsed onto the couch. I was flabbergasted bythe chain of events that had just happened, and shocked at the thought of what could have happened. Thankfully, Tofu nor I were hit by any moving vehicles, and no one was bit. What a morning wake up.


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