Vegan Discoveries

Crazy Burger


Today my boyfriend and I decided to head to a local restaurant, and we definitely aren’t strangers to the place.  This place is perfect for vegan diets and meat eaters alike. Crazy Burger is a small cozy place and is always bustling with hungry bellies. There unfortunately is no off street parking, but it’s usually not hard to find a spot.


The menu is filled with home made veggie burgers, vegan enchiladas, and much more. Today, Tom and I decided to go for some breakfast though. We got plenty of food to share and for left overs. Tom got a soy based iced latte, a grilled tofu sandwich, homefries, and faux sausage hash. I went with a tofu, broccoli, “sausage”, and “cheese” quesadilla and some wheat banana pancakes.










This is definitely a place worth checking out if you’re vegan or otherwise. The prices are a little higher then I’d like, but you get unique food.



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