Last night I had a ridiculous dream! It definitely woke me, but not soon enough. I’ll share it.

The dream started with Tom and I driving down the roads of Scituate, headed to meet up with my grandma and Aunt. When we finally met up with them, I got into my grandma’s van, but they speed off before Tom could make his way in. I got mad and threw some kind of chocolate covered seeds in their faces.

Next, I wake up because my lip is throbbing. I’m at my Aunt’s house and I realize my old lip ring is back in my lip. Now this is confusing, because I woke up in my dream and this made my brain think I was really awake. Anyways, I started getting flustered, because I knew my lip ring had closed up. I notice my aunt standing in the room and I questioned her. She told me she forced my lip ring back in while I was sleeping. I then told her I felt sick and she replyed ” well, that’s what happens when you’re pregnant.” I then started freaking out, because I wasn’t pregnant. Then my aunt, who was really some kind of evil witch said she impregnated me while I was sleeping. I then freaked out an ran for it. When I ran out the doors, Tom was driving down her driveway just in time. He had two of his friends sitting in the front of a pick-up truck. I jumped in the back and demanded they speed off. They were very confused and unaware of the evil witch, but did as I comanded.

As we sped down the street one of the friends said “she can see us! She knows!” and I looked up to the sky and saw all of our four faces in the clouds. The clouds then disappeared leaving just Ana’s image. Suddenly, a streak came down an went through Ana’s body. Assumed dead, her body disappeared.

Next, I am sitting in the front of a pick-up truck, but the truck is inside of a building. There are loads of people around, but no one seems to know I’mthere. I see Ana and know she’s still alive, but the witch has her. They have 4 weird looking people that plan to pose as us in our lives after they have recaptured us all. They don’t look like us, but the witch has something up her sleeve. I am sitting behind the wheel of the truck and a ghost appears and tells me that I need to drive the truck through the wall to escape. People begin walking in front of the truck and I don’t know what to do. A man comes and stands right in front of the truck and reaches his hand down in the window and begins rubbing my thigh. The ghost tells me to politely ask him to stop an he’ll go away. I did as the ghost told me an the man left me alone.

Then the roof of the truck starting ripping off and I had to drive through the wall to get away. For some reason I forgot how to drive a stick and could barley get the truck to move. Finally, I got it running and i drove through the wall and continued down the street. I stopped at a mall to find a disguise and then I woke up.


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