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Scituate Farmer’s Market




So, I did my first farmer’s market as Miss Vegan. Most of the Farmer’s market’s are already full, and the only one I could get into was the Scituate one. Ideally I should be selling my vegan treats in Providence, where there’s more of a demand for it. However, I def enjoyed myself and should be attending the rest of the weeks to come.

This past Saturday we had lot’s of yummy treats rangin from $1.00 to $4.00. Here is the complete list of what we had last weekend so you know what could be available in the weeks to come.

Cupcakes- Lemon coconut, red velvet, chocolate cream

Cookies- S’mores, Cranberry walnut, chocolate butterscotch

Bars- Peanut butter and jelly bars (my fav)

Cake Slices – Lemonberry coconut

Whoopie Pies and “tuna” sandwiches


I’m not sure what will be at next weeks market. I might make some lemon bars and cookies an cream cupcakes, but no definite plans as of yet.  I’m definitely open to suggestions and requests.

It was awesome that lots of my family and friends stopped by!  I’m hoping our fans will be willing to make the drive to Scituate until I can find a closer farmer’s market to add to my schedule.  It was a downer that people would just walk by our table making comments about how the table was vegan. You can’t even tell the difference between my vegan baked goods an non vegan baked goods. They can and are enjoyed by everyone. They don’t know what they’re missing.

So everyone stop by the farmer’s market at 46 Institue lane, North Scituate, RI 02857 every saturday from 9-12! If you visit and tell me this code word then you will be given a free cookie! Code word = Robot

Have a good week everyone!


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