Business Burger Boo

Today was one of thebest days I have had in awhile. It was productive, relaxing, and adventurous. I spent most of my morning and afternoon working on Miss Vegan things. I ordered packaging for cupcakes, signed up for insurance, contacted farmers markets, filled out forms, and made 2 dozen cupcakes. All these things sound simple, but when everything’s going on at once it can be hectic and stressful. I feel like I got so much accomplished business wise today.

In the late afternoon Tom and I left our Narragansett nest and headed to Cranston. We picked up my niece an brought her out for some fun. We had dinner at Johnny rockets! Yum! Veggie burgers an French fries filled our bellies. We had fun with the activity book and crayons they supplied. We then made our way to a local playground, where Scarlett was quick tomake friends. If only it were that easy for me. On the way home Scarlett asked for dels lemonade. I told her she could have some if she gave me directions to the place. I knew how to get there but was playing around with her. To my shock my 4 year old niece gave me directions to a lemonade stand using directions involving “left” and “right” turns. She made no mistakes! There are people my age that get lefts an rights confused. Sadly, they were closed when we arrived.

After we dropped Scarlett of we ventured back home. The night wasn’t over yet. Tom an I stopped an picked up a pint of cookie dough ice cream. We spent the rest of our night sitting on a wall watching the waves of the ocean and eating that whole pint of ice cream. It was a romantic night that I had been needing.

Plans for tomorrow are to dress shopingin the morning with Josh an Ashley, close at whole foods, catch up on project runway. Good night.


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