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ELF Cosmetics – Accidentally Vegan

Here is a new vegan find! I usually stick to food, but I needed new make-up because they stopped making the brand that I used to use. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to find vegan make-up. Who knows what all those big weird words are???! I’m not really a big make-up kind of person to begin with. I only wear a bit of eyeliner and mascara. Honestly, I wouldn’t know how to apply foundation if I was paid to.

I had been doing some research online to try an find the simplest solution to my vegan make-up dilemma. I found a list of brands that offer vegan products on  The annoying part was trying to find a convenient place to buy the products they mentioned. After spending way more time then I ever wanted researching this list I stumbled upon or E.L.F. I was shocked at how cheap the prices were for all their cosmetics. The price difference was way different then all the other companies I was looking for. The only problem was that I didn’t know of anywhere to buy it besides online. I want to be able to walk into regular store an buy more makeup when i run out.  It just so happens that they just started carrying the line in Target stores for the same cheap prices. Woo hoo!

I bought a few things and they seem okay. What should I expect for 1.00 eyeliner stick and 3.00 mascara. The downfall of the eyeliner is that it doesn’t apply as dark as I’d like it to on the inside of my lid. But it will work until I feel like doing more research. The mascara downfall is that it dries very lowly an ends up on my upper lid. This has never been a issue with any other mascara I have used. The best part is that the mascara has no scent. I absolutely hate the smell of mascara! I smell it the whole day that I am wearing it, and it’s annoying and disgusting.  The ingredient list includes “synthetic beeswax”. Who knows what that is but it’s pretty rad.

In conclusion I will def  be using this makeup despite it’s flaws. It is a great price and vegan.


1 thought on “ELF Cosmetics – Accidentally Vegan”

  1. I’ve heard good things about E.L.F – might check them out. Remember though that many things are accidentally vegan or intentionally vegan but not necessarily healthy – I’ve come across lots of labels that look like they’d be good quality but are actually full of disaster ingredients or almost/completely synthetic.

    Not preaching – just a tip from a fellow vegan.

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