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Oreos – Accidentally Vegan


Who doesn’t enjoy a cold glass of almond milk and an Oreo cookie? I prefer letting my cookie soak in my cup until it’s soggy and falling apart. It’s scrumptious! If you weren’t aware, most of Oreo cookie products are vegan. My favorite are the Golden Oreos! They definitely don’t get enough credit. If you haven’t tried them I highly suggest it.  Oreo brand has recently launched some new products. They now have fudge cover cookies, Fudgees , and a Creamcicle flavor.




I have tried 3 out of 4 of the fudge coverd styles. I’ve had peanut butter, mint, and the golden ones. The mint ones are very simular to Grasshopper cookies by Keebler. I used to love those cookies when I was growing up and I think they are the best of the flavors so far. The peanut butter ones were pretty good, but nothing special. The fudge covered vanilla ones remind me of another cookie, but I haven’t figured out what one yet.

I didn’t buy the creamcicle flavor. It sounded pretty gross! My boyfriend thinks it sounded good an was disappointed that I didn’t buy them. Maybe they will be tried in the future. The Fudgees  were pretty much double chocolate Oreos in a different shape.

There’s no doubt how great Oreo’s are, however I prefer to stick with the all natural alternatives. Most of them are vegan too! Just check in the ingredients to be sure.


4 thoughts on “Oreos – Accidentally Vegan”

    1. Hello there, That is very true. Oreos are listed on the Peta website “I can’t believe it’s vegan” http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/accidentally-vegan.aspx Almost every product you buy a on shelf has sugar in it. Unless the product is being advertised as vegan then the sugar source maybe be processed through bone char. Obviously I would rather avoid the bone char sugars. In that case a vegan diet would be way more restricted, seeing as though the market for vegan products isn’t that large. Ideally not eating bone char products would be amazing, but trying to narrow the products down that do or don’t use bone char would be very time consuming. If I flat out knew that it was bone char I would just avoid it.

      1. Also some things to consider: If you avoid vegan products because of a minimal trace or possible issuance of non-vegan sugar (which most likely won’t exist if everyone stops consuming meat and dairy because it would be pointless and expensive to kill animals just to refine sugar over their bone char when you can do it without) company’s will get the hint that there is not a need for this product. Even peta suggests that here: http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-living/tiny-amount-of-animal-products-in-food.aspx

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