I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I am lucky enough to have 3 days off  each week and they are always the same days. Weekly, I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off. It definitely never seems long enough, and usually on my days off I am working on Miss Vegan stuff anyways. Here are some highlights of the last three days.

Wednesday I was crazy sick. I had a headache from that transferred from the night before. I spent the morning in bed with a heat compress. I did puke, but nothing came out… If that makes sense. I brought Tom to work, and hung out in the Cranston area until I met up with Josh. Thankfully most of my pain had subsided by then. I hardly ever get to see any of my friends, so it was awesome. All we did was sit in the cafe of the Warwick mall and talk, but I def needed it. I need to see my friends more often.

Thursday was the most important day of my week! I received my wholesale license!! Now I can sell in stores and at farmer’s markets. I’m so excited. I’m getting there slowly. I ran a bunch of other errands with my boo and then headed home where I made yummy stuffed pizzas! Sicilia’s Pizza ain’t got nothin on me. I aslo made lemon bars for the first time!! I have never had a lemon bar, so I had nothing to compare it to. It’s very sweet and has a yummy shortbread crust. It’s an awesome feeling when you make up a recipe and it comes out good.

Today was a stay at home kind of day. I had intentions to go to this, but the weather wasn’t right for it. I’ll hopefully get to it next week! My boyfriend made dinner w hile I tried out a new recipe for graham crackers. They came out good, but aren’t like the boxed ones. It needs some tweaking.


I want to go back to school sooo bad………I think…….

The End


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